7 Best Blender Food Processor Combo Review In 2024 With Buying Guide

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Making the best blender food processor combo 2024 choice can be difficult. Many options make it difficult to decide which is ideal for you. Budget, food types, and frequency of use are all important factors to consider.

A blender/food processor combo is a kitchen tool most people frequently ignore. This enables you to prepare delectable soups and smoothies quickly. Unfortunately, many brands are available, making it challenging to decide which is ideal for you.

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that dices, slices, chops, and purees food. A blender is a device that combines ingredients to smooth them out. You can easily make sauces and soups from scratch with the best blender and food processor combo.

Here are the top 7 blender/food processor combos currently available. Power and noise levels ensure high-quality performance. After reviewing many products, we’ve compiled these fantastic options.

Overview Of Best Food Processor And Blender Combo 2024

Food processors and blenders are two appliances you can use to cook many dishes. They both have their functions, but the question is – which one is better?

A blender and a food processor are essential to make soups and smoothies. However, a food processor will suffice if you simply intend to chop vegetables. This section will quickly look at the 7 best food processor and blender combos.

best blender food processor combo
1Our Pick
Ninja BL770 Food Processor Blender
  • Brand: Ninja
  • Color: Black
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts
  • Volume: 4 Pounds
  • 8-Cup Food Processor
best blender food processor combo
Hamilton Beach Food Processor Blender
  • Brand: Hamilton
  • Color: Black & Gray
  • Wattage: 700 Watts
  • Volume: 2.5 Pounds
  • Multi-Function Blender
best blender food processor combo
Oster Pro Blender With Food Processor Attachment
  • Brand: Oster
  • Color: Metallica Gray
  • Wattage: 1200 Watts
  • Volume: 2.5 Pounds
  • 7-Speed Settings

Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Best Small Blender Food Processor Combo

Sometimes it might be very difficult to decide which blender/food processor is ideal. Choosing from hundreds of brands available requires some prior buying expertise. We hope to help you get on track quickly so that you know what to watch out for.

Selecting key elements that best meet your processing needs can help narrow your search. This section will outline the most important aspects to consider when making a purchase.

A. Motor Power

An essential metric that correctly reflects the strength of this model of combo blender is the motor power. Most food mixer blender combos have 350 to 1500 Watts of power. But which capacity is best for you?

You ought to have a product with a power output of at least 700 watts. Select a higher wattage, between 1000 and 1100 watts, if you desire simple multi-grinding.

More powerful processors typically have a shutdown capability when the motor heats up. The functioning and security of your system depend on this feature.

B. Blades

Any two-in-one food processor and blender must have a blade. The best option for your processing needs is stainless steel. Additionally, the shape of the device directly impacts its ability to smash food.

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You can chop multiple things simultaneously with combination models, which usually have two or three blades. The blades might have an X or an S form. An X-shaped blade is a great option for the quickest and most effective mixing.

The S-shaped blades work well for slicing and blending soft foods. You can typically use the third blade for kneading the dough to fulfill your urge to bake.

C. Controls

Each version has a distinct level of controllability. You can get a device with touch buttons or mechanical controllers. For optimum use, we suggest using a touch control device with an easy-to-read LED screen.

As a result, configuring the grinding modes will be significantly easier. Products operated by a mechanical knob system, however, can be difficult for you. Beginners are unsure of where to stop for their needs for various dishes.

D. Lid & Feeding Tube

Food processors are available in a variety of sizes and forms. A feeding tube is a chute for loading ingredients into a food processor. Choose a machine that can handle a variety of food varieties.

For example, a machine with a feeding tube and a shredding or slicing disc will produce finer cuts of foods like cabbage and carrots.

When it comes to containers, lids play a crucial role. They serve as the barrier that will keep your food from spilling out. Ensure the lid fits tightly without making it difficult to open or close.

E. Attachments

Best blender food processor combo 2024 units have extras like smoothies or chopped cups. They are useful items for the processing you do. Manufacturers frequently integrate specialty kneading blades into standard machines to fulfill users’ needs.

And you must possess such complete models. It is highly wasteful to pay for additional separate accessories if your product does not come with these.

F. Size & Bowl Capacity

The blender/food processor combo includes a variety of sizes of blenders and mixers. Each model can typically contain 3 to 14 cups depending on the texture and brand. Consider your home’s storage and cooking needs before making your purchase.

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For cooking needs, larger sizes can be the best option. Meanwhile, they can be made flexible for smaller entertainment needs in smaller versions.

G. Settings

Nowadays, some consumers prefer to mix and handle their meals manually. What attribute could so satisfy this need for them? This aim is simple to achieve with a gadget that can pre-program the working mode.

You can choose the running time and yogurt-making mode among these settings. A standard model also includes an auto-reversing power option. Additionally, they probably have options for overheating and cleaning.

7 Best Blender Food Processor Combo That You Can Buy In 2024

You require a food processor and blender, but you don’t want to purchase them separately. Then you should look into the best blender and food processor combos available. We shall discuss blender-equipped food processors in the next section.

We have reviewed some of the top accessible combos. You can choose the one that will work best for you from our suggestions. Read on to learn more about the best blender/food processor combos on the market!

1. Cuisinart CFP-800 Processor Blender

best blender food processor combo
  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Color: Gun Metal
  • Wattage: 500 Watts
  • Volume: 2.5 Pounds
  • 40 Oz Blender
  • 8-Cup Food Processor
  • Easy-to-Use Control Dial
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty

The Cuisinart CFP-800 is your best option if you want to cook with purees. The base of the blender and three specialty containers comes with this food processor blender set. It makes it simple to crush, combine, and grind food.

It took the Cuisinart CFP-800 only around 5 minutes to complete the smoothie-making cycle. This feature allows for a quick breakfast that still provides a balanced diet. The Cuisinart’s flexibility makes it one of the best small blender food processor combos.

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It features a clean and lightweight design so that you may transfer it to numerous locations. You can also use this version in small kitchens for simpler preparation. For simple cleaning tasks, this food processor and blender set are ideal.

Simply rinse the blender with water after each use to make cleaning it simple. Every evening, fresh food will be safe to eat in this manner. The ideal illustration of durability is this food processor’s greatest blender.


  • Best for tight kitchens.
  • Quick processing time.
  • Flexibility.
  • Convenient cleaning.


  • Low capacity.

2. Ninja BL770 Food Processor Blender

best blender food processor combo
  • Brand: Ninja
  • Color: Black
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts
  • Volume: 4 Pounds
  • 8-Cup Food Processor
  • 4-Versatile Function
  • Two 16-Oz Nutri Ninja Cups
  • Stacked Blade Assembly

Do you find the sound of the food grinding operation annoying? If the answer is yes, the Ninja BL770 is the best food processor and blender combo because it lessens your discomfort. This type doesn’t produce a loud enough sound to disturb others nearby.

Some evaluations of food processor blender combos claim that this model’s 1500-watt capacity makes it powerful. With its four distinct food processing features, you can easily ground ice. Additionally, you can personalize your beverage experience.

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The maker also includes two 16 oz containers with full lids in addition to the base and main tank. For the family’s kitchen, this device is very tidy and lightweight. It is flexible to meet your needs and features a contemporary style and strong construction.

Moreover, you have to consider many factors before making a purchase. Unexpectedly, BL770 is not flawless. For durability promises, it’s not very strong. Some users notice that their mixing power has decreased over time.


  • Quiet operation.
  • Powerful 1500 watts of power.
  • Diverse processing functions.
  • Neat and light.
  • Safety Features.


  • Low durability.

3. Hamilton Beach Food Processor Blender

best blender food processor combo
  • Brand: Hamilton
  • Color: Black & Gray
  • Wattage: 700 Watts
  • Volume: 2.5 Pounds
  • Multi-Function Blender
  • Wave-Action System
  • BPA-Free Travel Jar
  • Leak-Proof Lid

Plastic smoothie combos are the most user-friendly option. The material that offers you the greatest level of durability is the new glass. We suggest the Hamilton Beach food processor and blender set for this category.

High-quality glass makes up this model of a food processor and blender combo. It can function effectively for the first three to five years without repairs. This food processor blender combination is the best option for a blender with many features.

You can use it for food chopping, mincing, and crushing simultaneously. More than that is possible with Hamilton Beach. We’ve tried making huge smoothies with ice, and the result is still good.

Each piece of this set includes a small bottle. This style is practical when traveling or going on a picnic with a big family. You should purchase this item since its pricing is reasonable and it is one of the best small blender food processor combos.


  • Sustainable materials.
  • Diverse processing functions.
  • Can grind small ice.
  • Convenient to carry when traveling.
  • Good value for money.


  • Noise when operating.

4. Oster Pro Blender With Food Processor Attachment

best blender food processor combo
  • Brand: Oster
  • Color: Metallica Gray
  • Wattage: 1200 Watts
  • Volume: 2.5 Pounds
  • 7-Speed Settings
  • BPA-Free Tritan Plastic
  • Dishwasher-Safe Jar
  • Dual Direction Blade Technology

Subpar blades on a blender or processor can be horrible as they won’t be able to assist you in any way. Due to its special and clever two-way blade, Oster Pro is a perennial favorite. Foods move fast thanks to its bidirectional, forward and reverse-blade technology.

Amazingly, the Oster Pro only needs around 3 minutes to finish the smoothie-making process. Owning this best blender for food processing makes dinner preparation easier. It offers a completely changeable control panel to accommodate your usage needs.

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The device’s capacity is generally acceptable because it can assist in blending smoothies for my family of five. However, the food processor blender combo’s cleaning capacity is a letdown. You’ll need a lot of time to clean the apparatus.

Powerful mixing is possible with this countertop food processor blender’s 1200-watt motor. It easily transforms frozen fruits, ice, and greens into sorbet or smoothies. With seven-speed settings and three intelligent features, you can achieve flawless results.


  • Flexibility.
  • Blending power.
  • Powerful capacity.
  • Fully functional control panel.
  • Intelligent two-way blade technology.


  • Difficult to clean.

5. Goodful By Cuisinart Food Processor Blender

best blender food processor combo
  • Brand: Goodful By Cuisinart
  • Color: White
  • Wattage: 700 Watts
  • Volume: 3.5 Pounds
  • 3-Cup Food Processing
  • 56-Oz Blender Jar
  • 4 Prong Commercial Quality Blade
  • Pulse, High, & Low Rotor Speeds

Does expensive quality equate to perfection? In actuality, this assertion is not true. The responsiveness to user needs and capacity will frequently be two factors used to determine the equipment quality.

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Due to its reasonable price, many middle-class customers may easily purchase it. The modern design of these food mixers and blenders for smoothies features 700 watts of power, similar to other basic models.

The mill weighs roughly 56 ounces and has a group of 4 intelligent blades that are good at handling food processing duties. On the go, this gadget effortlessly prepares meals for three people.

The mixing power at BFP700GF has some drawbacks, including imperfection. The smoothie’s flavor suffered because the milk quantity didn’t seem blended.


  • Low price.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Modern design.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Poor mixing power.

6. Vitamix A3500 Blender With Food Processor Attachment

best blender food processor combo
  • Brand: Vitamax
  • Color: Black
  • Wattage: 1400 Watts
  • Volume: 4 Pounds
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades
  • Self-Detect Technology
  • Cool Running Motor
  • 5-Automated Programs

The Vitamix Ascent comes with a stainless steel container, and is one of the best blenders for food processing. You can switch the shredding and slicing disks for large and tiny bits. Additionally, the machine has 5 program settings for smoothies, soups, dips, spreads, frozen desserts, or self-cleaning.

The device employs Self-Detect technology and is compatible with the Vitamix Ascent blenders. It enables smooth integration with an existing device. It comes with two food pushers, a reversible slice/shred disc, and a multipurpose S-blade.

You may use a straightforward dial to change the blending speed. Furthermore, you can alter the speed as you mix to achieve the desired texture. You can use the pulse feature to make a rough chop for the ideal salsa.

Your ingredients won’t have time to heat up because of the quick blending in frozen delights. To create soft-serve frozen delights, start with frozen ingredients. Add a drop of dish soap and warm water to clean the device; it takes care of itself.


  • Perfect overall.
  • Smart timer function.
  • Modern wireless connectivity.
  • Touch control.
  • Perfect program installation.


  • High price.

7. Ninja SS351 Food Processor Blender

best blender food processor combo
  • Brand: Ninja
  • Color: Black & Gray
  • Wattage: 1200 Watts
  • Volume: 4.5 Pounds
  • 6 Auto-iQ Presets
  • Variable Speed Control
  • 24 Oz Nutrient Extraction
  • 14 Oz Smoothie Bowl Maker

Is performance important? Yes, to answer briefly. It directly affects how quickly and how well you process food. And the ideal recommendation with excellent performance is the Ninja SS351.

Particularly, this finest food processor blender combo has a 1200-watt motor. With no stalling, it can go through large loads. The blade system includes a special texture with more twists than other models to help quickly crunch food.

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Additionally, this variation is a wonderful option for dishwashers. The removable and dishwasher-safe pieces are available. Thus, it will save time for managing other work.

You can have more diversity in your food with its six preset programs. For chopping, kneading, or pureeing, use this. Ninja SS351 is a great buy because of its strength.


  • Powerful performance.
  • Intelligent IQ automatic technology.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Good speed control.


  • Difficult to operate.

Top FAQs About Best Blender For Food Processing

What Is The Best Blender Food Processor Combo?

The Cuisinart CFP-800 is the best option for a blender food processor combo. It comes with the blender’s base and three specialty containers, making it easy to crush, combine, and grind food.

It has a base and three specialty containers making it quick and easy to crush, combine, and grind food. It has a powerful motor that can easily crush and blend fruits and vegetables.

What Is the Difference Between A Food Processor And A Blender?

A food processor and a blender have some key differences. Large, wide blades on a food processor make for excellent purées. Additionally, if you need to ground a lot of herbs and spices, you can do so in a food processor along with your flour.

In contrast, a blender has smaller, frequently sharper blades designed to create pourable purées. You can use it to make vinaigrettes, marinades, soups, smoothies, and frozen drinks.

Can You Use A Blender As A Food Processor?

The quick response is: Not really. With a few exceptions, blenders and food processors are typically not interchangeable. Foods that aren’t overly thick or thin, like tomato sauce and herb vinaigrette, can be prepared either way.

You can attempt to make it in the blender if you don’t have a food processor. The engine typically needs to be stopped, and the sides scraped down several times to get everything puréed.

Can You Use A Food Processor As A Blender For Smoothies?

While you can use many food processors to make smoothies, some aren’t. The secret is to use it like you would when creating salsa or guacamole and slice veggies into little pieces before adding liquids. If your processor has an ice-chopper blade, it’s even better because you specifically need that to transform frozen fruit chunks into slush!

Can You Grind Meat With A Food Processor?

A food processor isn’t the best appliance for grinding meat. It will practically turn the meat into mush because it will be puréed rather than ground.

The most effective instrument for the job is a meat grinder, which forces meat through a die. The only exception is if you’re preparing an emulsified meat product like mortadella or bologna.

Can You Make Smoothies In A Food Processor?

Although making a smoothie in a food processor is technically possible, the outcome won’t be optimal. Ingredients that are frozen are one item that most food processors struggle with.

Simply said, the motor strength is unprepared to manage such duties. The food processor’s design forces dry components to the bottom, producing an uneven end product.

Final Thoughts

A food processor or blender is a necessary piece of kitchen equipment. They enable us to cook a variety of wholesome, filling meals. However, its size can be problematic in small kitchens.

Therefore, we recommend the best blender food processor combo 2024 for you. This model seamlessly blends a blender and a blender to maximize your space and convenience. You may easily choose the ideal product by going through the buying guide.

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