If you are a foody and a kitchen nerd who likes to talk to like-minded people via their writing, PRO KITCHEN DEALS is the best place to take it to the next level.

PRO KITCHEN DEALS is an online platform dedicated to the kitchen industry.

Here we do not care if you are a professional or a newbie. If you can write something worth reading, we will publish it.

Writing for an online platform like ours can help you get in touch with a community that has similar interests to you. In addition, you will finally get that much-needed exposure for your writing.

Our team at PRO KITCHEN DEALS is all about providing quality content to our readers. We want them to have blogs & articles that are well-researched and exclusive.

If you decide to write for us, you will have a platform to showcase your culinary knowledge via your writing skills.

How Is Writing For Us Beneficial To You?

Many of you must have a question about how writing for PRO KITCHEN DEALS will benefit you, and our answer is the boosted reach.

There are several bloggers & writers out there writing about kitchen essentials, how to maintain them, the best tools for it, & more. But not all of them are popular. The main reason is the lack of exposure or reach.

Writing for PRO KITCHEN DEALS will get you in touch with people who will love to read what you have to say and share it.

With us, you have a chance of having a larger fanbase that you can divert to your socials to follow you and get them to your website organically. We have a loyal audience of culinary lovers who can become your loyal readers if you have that power in your writing.

And if you get popular with our readers, who knows, you might become a regular contributor to our platform.

Different Types Of “Guest Post” Articles Suitable To Us

PRO KITCHEN DEALS is a distinctive kitchen blog, so your submission should be related to the kitchen industry. Anything that is remotely or not related to our topic is not acceptable.

Getting confused about what a website is asking from you is understandable. And we are here to walk you through it.

For us, you can write about buying guides for a specific item (say fry pan, knives, etc.), listicle blogs about best buys (according to brand, type, etc.), buying & maintenance tips, kitchen essentials, and other similar ideas.

Your idea needs to be unique & well-researched.

Here we have the “Types Of Articles” we would like you to write for us. Anything related to the mentioned topics is acceptable to us.

  • Write for Us + Kitchen Tabletop
  • Write for Us + Cookware
  • Write for Us + Appliances
  • Write for Us + Kitchen Furniture
  • Write for Us + Kitchen Hardware
  • Write for Us + Bakeware
  • Write for Us + Storage & Organization
  • Write for Us + Travel & To-Go Food Containers
  • Write for Us + Plates
  • Write for Us + Bowls
  • Write for Us + Dinner Sets/Dining
  • Write for Us + Glassware
  • Write for Us + Serveware
  • Write for Us + Measuring Tools & Scales
  • Write for Us + Kitchen & Table Linens

Writing Guidelines

Here at PRO KITCHEN DEALS, we are delighted to ask our fellow writers to contribute to our platform. However, this does not entail that we are okay with anything.

There are explicit rules & qualification standards that you need to clear to get published.

We want nothing but the best for our readers, so quality is highly crucial for us. It is not just about writing words. Your article should be enjoyable to our readers and their much-needed problem solver.

To ensure your submitted content gets selected by the PRO KITCHEN DEALS, it must be as per our criteria & guidelines, which you can explore below:

  • The content should be well-researched and mainly related to the kitchen industry.
  • The submitted work should be entirely original. 
  • It should not be available anywhere on the internet. Plagiarism and copyright breaches are a big NO-NO.
  • The language of your article should be easy enough to understand for people of any age group. Understand that it should be compelling material even to non-kitchen enthusiasts.
  • The length of the content should be around 800-1000 words, and it should be error-free & well-optimized.
  • You are welcome to use SEO keywords, but more than two are not allowed. And our team will review them before publishing.
  • You will need to submit two images for your article for us to choose the most suitable one.
  • You are free to promote your published article on your socials, website, and any other suitable media platform.
  • Our PRO KITCHEN DEALS team will review and edit all the selected submissions as we find suitable before publishing.
  • We reserve the right to reject or remove your content anytime without prior intimation. The team of PRO KITCHEN DEALS is not answerable to you on this matter.
  • Lastly, we are only approaching the writers who want to share their knowledge. There will be no compensation for writing as a guest writer for us.

Submission Guidelines

Many writers can not send their writing to platforms like ours simply because they messed up while mailing. 

PRO KITCHEN DEALS has one of the most straightforward article submission procedures. All you need to do is email it to us with the correct file attachment and subject line. 

Be careful about the clarity of your subject, as a confused one might not even get open.

You can submit your writing at [email protected]. In the subject, we want you to write: “Guest Post Submission: Your Article Topic.” 

Here “Your Article Topic” is the specific category of the KITCHEN world you talked about in your article. We would like to know if it is a review, buying/maintenance/usage guide, comparison, general writing, or others.

Furthermore, we recommend you go through our terms & conditions before you begin writing. It will let you know if you agree with our policy or not.

Lastly, we want all the writers to know that we are overwhelmed with writing requests. It is not always possible for us to process every request. There are chances of us not being able to publish it.

Rejection of your article indicates you were unable to follow our recommended guidelines. We would advise you to try again.

Check out the prime reasons why your article might get rejected:

  • Your content is not plagiarism free. Unoriginal content is not acceptable to us.
  • The content is yours but already published on the internet.
  • There is no connection between the subject line & the article. If your writing can not justify your subject line, it is wrong.
  • Your article’s tone needs to be polite. The poor writing tone means poor article for us.
  • The blog is either shorter than 800 words or outsize 1000 words.